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Use my gifts, abilities, attributes and skills to create opportunity for technology and partnerships with business, education and government to close the skills gap and solve complex social issues. 


Leveling up people by changing how we approach getting work, giving work and our approach to education. 

Conformity to the present is invisibility to the future- Stefan Molynuex

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Work Experience

executive leader     software/technology   human capital management


CEO, Co-Founder pepelwerk - defined the vision, designed the strategic roadmap, created the brand and marketing plan, lead the executive and support team to accomplish the mission.


Senior Vice President Global People and Culture- PFS/LiveArea

Senior Vice President US Employee Benefits - Alliant

Mid-Market Leader International, Human Capital Solutions - Mercer

Solutions Strategy Partner- Cigna

Operations Leader - Wal-Mart


My Skills


Growth Leader

Capital, Revenue, Market

Excel at finding product market fit, designing go-to-market strategies, identifying gaps and opportunities in solution portfolios, designing, redefining and building the teams, messaging and marketing to deliver it.

Build Functioning Organizations

Organizational Design

Create structure that improves how things get done after we know what needs to be done.This includes (re)defining jobs, right sizing the business, defining accountability structures and creating process flows for people to get work done and to keep up with the changing landscape.

Build Effective


Match Talent to Work

This includes talent acquisition strategy, recruiting and sourcing. I do this by aligning the skills needed to the job demands and matching the right people based on culture, brand and aptitude fit.

Design, Execute and Manage Employee Benefits

Medical Insurance, Health Programs and Savings

If your company has more than 2 employees in any country, its time to think about offering employee benefits and other perks and programs. I have a thorough understanding of International benefit offering.

Assess, Management and Mitigate Risk

Labor Law

Being an employer has a lot of legal demands. Understanding the DOL regulations, compliance with FMLA, time off, discrimination and EEOC and work environment are just the beginning.

Design, Execute and Manage Compensation and Wage Plans

Base Wage, Variable Compensation, Total Rewards

Pay is not just about wage. Executive compensation, sales compensation and support team compensation all have different components, different planning and different budgeting.

Evaluate and Partner with Third Party HR Vendors

Staffing, Private Employer Organizations, Outsourcing, Human Capital Consulting

In order to get things done you need Talented and skilled people. Sometimes that means you need to have a pool of people that are contractors, temporary staff or consultants. Knowing the difference and how it impacts your bottom line is important..

Software Selection

Human Resource Software Solutions

There isn't a human resource software solution that I don't know. I can source, implement and integrate software solutions across countries and systems to enhance the employee experience and align with operations.

International Business

New Country Set-Up

Making a decision to grow your business outside of the United States or vice versa is a big step. Knowing the labor laws, cultural expectations of operating a business and establishing a business is the first step. Interested in my words of experience, contact me below.

Workforce Planning

Executive and Support Team

Companies fail because they fail to plan the work related to the changing business landscape. Job scoping, resource capacity planning and culture building are necessary to start, grow or nurture any business.

 Marketing and Communications

Traditional and Digital Marketing

Whether it is building an internal communications campaign or developing Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business sales and marketing pipelines, you need consistent content, creativity, and clarity.

Software Development

UX, UI, JIRA, BitBucket

Know how and when to build or buy software solutions. Design software to solve a problem, deliver change or create communities.


Universities that Teach

University of Arizona Consumer Science/Business 1997-2001

The School of Hard Knocks- Ongoing

People that Mentor

Mom, brother, dad and daughters
Melinda Burks
Larry Leines
Linda Kutchka
Bob Erickson
Julie Humphries
Johann Hubert

Life Stories that  Teach

Erin Brockovich
Molly Bloom

If you aren't questioning what you think you know, you will never learn.


interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem 

drastically alter or [improve] the structure of (something)

Well-behaved women seldom make history - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Nobel Peace Prize for the Right to Learn

Activist for Exercising a Citizen's Right to Vote

You create the world you want to live in.


Need help navigating the working world?

If you need support in navigating the working world for your business, let me know your industry and what you need help with.


  • Global Talent Marketplace

  • Hiring Hub

  • Workforce Planning

  • Learning and Development 

Hire To Lead: 

  • Human Capital Leadership

  • Restructuring for Boards

  • Culture and Leadership Development

Hire To Inspire:​

  • Key Note Speaking

  • Mentoring

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