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Preparing For The Future of Work


Dedicated to changing how we approach the working world for the next generation of Talent, Companies Hiring and Educators.

As, the CEO and Co-Founder of pepelwerk (people - work) technology solutions, I'm able to share my passion with our users, members and clients; creating the opportunity to connect people, technology and data to evolve how we approach our working world for the next generation. If companies can't continuously evolve their people strategies to meet their revenue and growth goals in a fair, equitable, socially and economically responsible way then we are doing something very wrong. For the first time in history, with the advances made in data, technology and our understanding of human psychology, we know better so we should do better.

"Conformity to the present is invisibility to the future"- Stefan Molynuex


Improving our working world just by changing how we offer a job

While how we do work, build businesses, deliver services to our customers, impact our communities, market and communicate has all changed drastically over the past 30 years- our hiring processes have not.  

The skills gap is compounding, student debt is doubling, the average tenure in a job is 2.5 years, the number of people under employed and general unemployed is increasing and the saturation of HR technology and services has made solutioning these problems confusing and overly complicated. 

I think it's time to update and simplify how we think about the Talent Experience - how we source , up skill and separate as the demands of our economy change.  

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Client and Professional Experience

career planning          workforce planning           people and culture strategy

Leadership Experience

Global People and Culture and Operations- PFS/LiveArea;  Wal-Mart

Global Employee Experience and Total Rewards - AlliantCigna,  Mercer



Employee Experience, Total Rewards, HRIS, Talent Acquisition:

Nike, Tenet Healthcare , Alibaba , Solarwinds , American Airlines , Locke Lord  and other great Fortune 50 and growing businesses.


How can companies change the world by changing how they hire? 

They must evolve their ideas about what work is, who can do it and how it gets done.

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Employee Experience

People, Data and Technology

For me the employee experience starts in the community. pepelwerk is designed to help companies really make a positive social impact by changing how they source candidates,  retain employees and separate from hires.  My mantra is: use data for good,  building simple technology, and enhance the process to benefit people's work-life.

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Build Functional


Agile Teams vs. Hierarchical 

Create structure that improves how things get done after we know what needs to be done.This includes (re)defining jobs, right sizing the business, defining accountability structures and creating process flows for people to get work done and to keep up with the changing landscape.

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Building Effective


People, Abilities, Education

This includes talent acquisition strategy, recruiting and sourcing. I do this by aligning the skills needed to the job demands and matching the right people based on culture, brand and aptitude fit.

Companies fail because they fail to recognize the full potential of people in the sourcing process and plan the work related to the changing business landscape. 


Connecting Business Needs with Education to Improve the Work-lives of the Next Generation 

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Nobel Peace Prize for the Right to Learn

Activist for Exercising a Citizen's Right to Vote

interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem 

drastically alter or [improve] the structure of (something)

every older generation has the responsibility of taking what they learned to make life for the next generation better

do something

listen to what we're saying


Need help navigating the working world?

If you need support in navigating the working world for your business or community let me what you need help with.


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